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( Welcome From The Dean )



By the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful


     The environment is one of the important emerging issues that occupy the attention of all countries in the world, both locally and internationally. The countries variedgreatly in the area of ​​interest in the environment and it appeared evident from the disparity level of environmental education and environmental legislation of eachcountry. In the context of talking about the comparison between countries, we can find that there are huge differencesbetween industrialized and developing countries and between the countries of the third world in this field.  

     During the past decades, Iraq have suffered from a significant lack of attention to the field of environment for several reasonson top of which the weakness and negligenceof environmental education as integral part of educational and administrative curricula, also, the lack of correct environmental planning, in addition to the absence of assisting environmental legislations and significant engineering projects. Moreover, the absence of environmental awareness among citizens which caused most areas of Iraq subject to contamination and a place of spreading various diseases. Considering global evolution and attention allocated to environment nowadays, the idea of establishing a university degree specialized in environmental fields that would prepare graduates capable of dealing with modern environmental problems and finding appropriate scientific solutions had emerged.

     The College of Environmental Sciences and Technology – Mosul University was established in 2006 according to a proposal submitted by the Ministry of Environment aiming at enriching the labor market with specialized environmentalists.  

     The college includes two departments which are the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Environmental Technology. Each department has a number of distinguished specialized Professors and researchers with different advanced scientific degrees. The college also is working on improving its teaching staff through short-term and long-term dispatches abroad to attend conferences, and seminars, specializedin environmental disciplines. Inadditiontothat, the Collegeoffersgraduate studies inthefieldofenvironmentalscience.

     The message of the college is to prepareacademicsand specialistswho are able todeal withenvironmental problemsefficiently. The college alumni work withina wide range ofprojects andinstitutions,municipal, industrial andresearchrelatedto thecompletion ofsolutionsdesignedto controlpollution,in addition to thediversification of energy sourcesand increaseto the largestextent possible.

     The interests of environmentalists include other subjects such as water sector, pollutants management, air quality, and urban planning. Thus, the college's alumni can work in the Ministry of Environment and its bodies, water management and water treatment plants, sections of the environment in the Ministry of Municipalities, oil companies and petrochemical industries, private companies that deal with areas of environment, consulting firms, public health laboratories, marketing departments in companies processing, in addition to that, they can work in the management of local and international institutions concerned with the environment.

     Finally, I pray to Allah to bless every honest and sincere hands that participate and engage in the construction of this great scientific edifice which serves our dear country Iraq.


                                                                                    Dr. Khusai Kamal Aldin  Alahmadi

                                                               Dean, College of Environmental Sciences and Technology

                                                                                               Mosul University

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